As the makers of the largest range of Sport Utility Vehicles, we understand the many facets of what Sporty means in this new age. At the heart of Sport lies – Endurance and Performance. The challenge to maximize one’s potential to Perform and Endure all the challenges. For Performance, Speed is the quintessential element. Endurance is about being Tough, being Persistent and Boldly conquering new frontiers.


The Design Studio at the Mahindra Pavilion showcases the Mahindra XUV Aero – a concept that is all about challenging the mundane and rising to conquer new horizons. The concept epitomizes Boldness and Performance.


Designed in-house at our Mahindra Design Studio in Kandivali, the XUV Aero takes the spirit of the cheetah and gives it an urban manifestation of the beast; a coupe cross-over with an aerodynamic silhouette, a butch stance and bold graphics.


At the Design Studio at the Mahindra Pavilion, you can discover how the XUV Aero evolved from doodles put on paper to the actual machine you can touch and feel. You can experience how it took shape, watch our designers sketch, participate in Live automotive sculpting, go on a guided tour of the design process and talk to our designers one-on-one! You can even customize the XUV Aero with the XUV Aero Configurator and solve XUV Aero Puzzles.