Mahindra RODEO
So Powerful and Stylish - Dil Bolega, Anything Karega.
The Mahindra Rodeo. It's an object of desire for most. Not just for the STYLE it oozes, but also for the unmatched POWER. It has everything to sensitize your riding experience and lets you enjoy and explore your freedom in every possible manner. The 125 cc Mahindra Rodeo is a powerful and stylish scooter with unique features like Telescopic Suspension, Digital Speedometer, Mobile Charging and Front Fuelling, that provide not just comfort but also amazing benefits, making it the perfect scooter for both college going students and young working professionals.

The unique features of the Rodeo include:
  • Powerful 125 cc engine
  • Telescopic front suspension
  • 9- colour digital display
  • Front fueling
  • 4-in-1 anti-theft key
  • Largest storage space
  • Mobile + mp3 charger
  • Side-stand buzzer