Mahindra Racing Formula-E
Built by Spark Racing Technology, together with a consortium of the leading manufacturers in motorsport, the new SRT_01E race car will compete in the forthcoming FIA Formula E Championship. It stretches the boundaries of what is currently achievable in electric motorsport, whilst ensuring a balance between cost-effectiveness and sustainability, in addition to coping with the demands of racing on street circuits.

Power & Performance
Max power (limited) 200kw, equivalent to 270bhp
Race mode (power-saving) 133kw, equivalent to 180bhp
‘Push-to-Pass 67kw
Acceleration 0 - 100 km/h (0-62mph) in 3s – Estimated
Maximum speed 225 km/h (FIA limited) – Estimated
Chassis Chassis / Survival cell - Carbon/aluminium honeycomb structure made by Dallara.
Electronics Control and data-logging systems by McLaren Electronics.
Wheels & tyres Series specific 18” Michelin treaded tyres
(no separate dry and wet tyres).
O.Z. Racing Magnesium rims. Max width front - 260mm / rear 305mm. Max Diameter - front 650mm / rear 690mm.
Electric Powertrain Electric traction motor & paddle shift sequential gearbox by McLaren Electronics.
Traction battery The traction battery is a Rechargeable Energy Storage System (RESS) and supplies electric energy to the Power Circuit and thus to the traction motor.
Brakes Bespoke carbon F1 spec provided by ALCON.
Safety FIA safety standards including: front, side, rear and steering column impact tests. Front and rear roll hoop, impact structures and monocoque push tests.
Anti-intrusion survival cell protection panels. Wheel retainer safety cables.
Extinguisher system (electronically operated).

Overall length: 5000mm (max)

Overall width: 1800mm (max)

Overall weight (including driver): 800kg (min)