Mahindra BLAZO 37 Ton
Best-in-class fuel efficiency, a powerful engine, comfortable cabin and sturdy chassis – the BLAZO 37 boasts of all these features. But what really makes this powerhouse standout, is its load carrying capacity; which is the highest in its category. Allowing you to transport any load, from steel to cement, with the least amount of effort and stress. FuelSmart Multimode Switches – Heavy and Light

  • 7.2 Litre, high torque, low RPM engine
  • mPOWER FuelSmart engine with multimode switches
  • Guaranteed better fuel efficiency
  • Lower TCD for better Manoeuvrability
  • Tag axle for increased tyre life
  • Driver information System
  • Next-gen features and improved cabin for better productivity
  • Better Payload.